Hunky-Dory Bags

About Us

Hunky-Dory Bags was established in 2002 with the aim of providing beautiful, creative accessories with the WOW factor!

Our quirky bags are fabulously hand embroidered and made from the finest materials. Each bag is a unique piece of craftwork. Our collection celebrates our passion for bright and beautiful things. Whatever the weather it is always a pleasure to have a fabulous accessory on your arm!

Sarah and Jo are the designers behind Hunky-Dory Bags. They believe that fun and function can go hand in hand. Their playful designs combine creative shapes and extravagant colour to bring you funky bags and purses for every occasion.

Our Bags are fairly traded and produced in Vietnam. Lucky Sarah has travelled extensively to this beautiful country, and whilst setting up her bag business sourced some wonderful manufacturers who are dedicated to hand crafting our designs with quality textiles.

Hunky-Dory Bags work hard to create a brand new collection each season full of bright and fresh designs. Our bags are previewed at Fashion events and shows across the country.

If you are unable to find a retailer near you that stocks Hunky-Dory Bags you can use our secure online shopping facility. Subject to availability you can have your Hunky-Dory Bag within a few days.